Welcome to a new
work world

There’s a whole world of talent out there. We will help you unleash it.

Vmove was born to solve a problem we struggled with for many years.

We wanted to hire qualified, long-term, committed CSRs to serve customers working in different time zones.

We tried using all the generic marketplaces out there.

We tried working with different outsourcing companies.

We tried hiring ourselves.

We found great people eventually, but the process was time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating.

Needless to say, we also made many hiring mistakes.

We dreamt of a platform letting us choose the best remote customer support reps out there – for our company.

A platform that would remove the legal and financial hassles of working with people based in different countries.

A platform that will save us time and free us to focus on providing better service – rather than spending our days on hiring-related activities.

Then COVID came and taught us how remote work can be done better.

Local talent was not the default option any more.

We found out you can find better talent, when the world is your playground.

If you know how to find it!

We also learned that not everyone can work remotely, and that this ability can be pre-checked.

We packed all our insights into Vmove. We hope it will change the way you hire CSRs forever.


We spent almost all our professional career as entrepreneurs, developing, selling and servicing almost every big corporation out there.

We love what we’re doing, and we love hearing how Vmove is working for you.

Yaron Kaufman


Oren Yagev