Why Vmove

Finally – a marketplace for customer support reps, by customer support pros

There are many great generic freelancers’ marketplaces out there.

They are good when you want a cheap, one-time project.

Customer support work is a long-term commitment, not a gig.

You want representatives with customer-centric attitude. You need talent who can stand those demanding 8-hour shifts.

You want them to work in your customers’ time-zone and speak their language.

We know what customer support means.

That’s WHY we created Vmove.

Generic Freelance Marketplace Outsourcing Company In-house CSRs Vmove
Screening Process
Thorough identity and background checks maybe maybe V
Hard-to-pass screening process your responsibility V V V
Service aptitude assessment V V V
Remote-work readiness assessment V
Hiring Process
Large talent pool V V
Fast hiring process V V
Talent Qualities
Hiring for different roles - tech support, social media, team leader, training, knowledge base V V V
Long-term contractual commitment V V V
Agents speak different languages V V
Agents working in different time-zones depends on reps location V
Budget Management
Easy invoicing and money transfers no matter where agent is located V V V
Budget-friendly monthly cost V V
System Security Requirements
Your hardware specifications V V V
Your software specifications V V V

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